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Lucas Durand

VP, Senior Data Science Engineer at TD Securities

Having attended two of the DNI events now from the TDS side I can say they've been a great way to find talent and share our vision.

Wanderson Coelho

Senior Talent Acquisition Expert at Bosch,
attended DNI.Porto

From the unique format to the inspiring people, it was an unforgettable experience. Can't wait for the next DNI.events!


IG&H team attended DNI.Amsterdam

It was a huge success where a lot of passionate professionals came to interview and network with our amazing data scientists.

Melike A.

Technical Recruiter bei Relayr.io,
attended DNI.Berlin

Thank you for all your efforts and for providing us with this environment where we can meet lots of great talents. It was a very fruitful event.

Keith Speres

Recruitment Team Lead at N26,
hosted DNI.Barcelona

It was a fantastic event, with 50+ people attending, and many great potential candidates.

Aleksandra Nechaeva

EU Talent Marketing at Reaktor,
attended DNI.Amsterdam

We really enjoyed the experience and met a lot of great people. Would love to take part in your events again in the future!

Sumbo Ashabo, Head of Recruitment

DECIEM | The Abnormal Beauty Company, hosted DNI.Toronto in 2023

Reaching out to thank you and your team for an amazing evening and event! I look forward to working with you again.

Rick D.

VP Technology at Canada Drives,
attended DNI.Vancouver and DNI.Toronto

I'm interested in attending the next Toronto event as well. Are there tickets available?


Hosted DNI.Chicago event in 2023

We had the pleasure of hosting DNI.Chicago, bringing together over 60 job seekers as well as leading tech companies who are actively hiring.

Valeria N.

Senior TA Specialist at Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, attended DNI.Toronto

Great session, many thanks for organizing. I did not experience any technical issues and met some great candidates. I look forward to continuing to partner with DNI.


Hosted DNI.Munich in 2023

Last night was like a tech-themed speed-dating event, but instead of finding love, we met top-notch talent! 🤖💻

Gayle K.

HR Manager at Volkswagen Automotive Cloud,
attended DNI.Seattle

The event was very well organized and you have been so wonderful to work with!

Sarah Ceccini

Talent Acquisition, SpaceX

Loved getting to connect with everyone this evening and chatting about Starlink! Don't hesitate to reach out about opportunities at SpaceX!

Hiten M.

Chief Product Officer at Basis Technologies,
attended DNI.Toronto

Thank you for organizing, Marina! It was a great event and appreciated by all.

Jose S.

Manager, Solutions Architecture at Coast Capital Savings, attended DNI.Vancouver

Thanks to you for an event well run! This is the first time I've partaken in an online recruitment event that actually works.


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